Интересные факты о боулинге


Varieties of modern bowling first appeared several centuries ago. One of the most ancient premises in which large-scale competitions in ancient bowling were held was discovered by scientists in Cairo a couple of years ago. This building was built about 4,000 years ago. And the most ancient of the current is the arena, located in Southampton (England).

They opened it back in 1299. For a long time, the English kings disdained the entertainment presented, since it distracted men from significant activities, for example, hunting or archery. Today, in large shopping centers, bowling is an integral part, for example, in Krasnodar, in the SBS Megamall shopping center, one of the best bowling centers in the city works, more about it on the website.

1. For a long time in the United States a ban on the game of bowling was valid for girls and women. At the same time, the Congress approved it at the official level. It was only in 1917 that they defended their own rights to the weaker sex. this year the first international bowling congress was opened for girls.

2. Now the game is fully mechanized, and the pins are installed using special devices — pinspotters. And until the middle of the last century, the installation was carried out by a specially trained person. In addition, he brought the balls and counted the points scored by the participants.

3. In the past, for the manufacture of a kegel was used a tree, most of them are maple. And now, only the inner part is made of wood, covering the top with durable plastic.

Интересные факты о боулинге

4. For the production of balls used a variety of materials, including urethane or polyester. But the role of the coating until 1959 served as rubber.

5. For a ball to fall from the ball, the deviation is only enough for 7.5 degrees.

6. In the past century, the resourceful owner of the club for fans of the presented game, located in Ohio, decided to advertise his establishment in an unusual way. He built cars in the form of pins, and invited customers to drive on it through the streets of the town. And naturally, such a car attracted attention and made its club quite popular.

7. From 1984 to 2010, the Hall of Fame and the Bowling Museum worked in St. Louis (USA). In 2010, these institutions were moved to Arlington (Texas). When visiting these institutions, everyone will be able to purchase souvenirs, equipment for the game and get acquainted with the history of its appearance.

8. For a long time bowling was considered an ordinary entertainment. But in modern times this game has become a professional sport. And in 1982, Earl Anthony was able to become the first player on the planet who earned $ 1 million for a bowling game.

9. But Dick Weber was the first professional who managed to earn on bowling. True, in comparison with Earl, his achievement can be called modest — only 7672 dollars.

10. In our state, the game appeared in the days of Tsarist Russia. But bowling was widespread in the Russian Federation only in 1997, as at this time, Russia became a member of the International Bowling Federation

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