Arguments that make dealers reduce the cost of the car


Choosing the brand and model of the car, drivers are guided by the cost and personal preferences. When, after searches and inspections, the required copy is found, it remains only to strike hands with the owner and issue a deal. Before this, you should definitely bargain, because correctly picking up the arguments, you can get a decent discount. What you need to «push», communicating with the seller — further in the review.

“Curved” documents

Looking at used cars, it’s best not to bother with people who have any problems with documents. Too frequent change of owners may indirectly indicate frequent breakdowns or “gray” frauds.

The technical passport is the most important document in which the owner of the car is registered, and if the seller has only a copy of the PTS at his hands, then this is bad. Naturally, the document could simply be lost. Worse, if the paper is in the bank, and the car — in the pledge, and the likelihood of this always exists. «Punch» the car on a special database, but it takes time and money. The main thing is that nevertheless deciding to buy a car with problem documents, the driver can reasonably demand a substantial discount.

Body condition

When compared with other countries, in the Russian climate and road conditions, car bodies rust much faster. And the constant operation of machines in large cities almost inevitably leads to collisions with the subsequent repair. From this all depends on the condition of the body — the most expensive part of any car.

By bargaining for a car that’s just a few years old, you can “knock out” a decent discount if you can find broken items. Sellers themselves are often silent about the fact of accidents and repairs.

«Killed» engine

While many engines of the 90s are respectfully called «million-plus», powertrains of modern cars often do not even live up to 200,000 kilometers. And turbocharged engines have a twice smaller resource. To determine the condition of the power unit, many drivers can not afford. According to the author of the site, it is best not to spare money and carry out diagnostics at the service station. In extreme cases, you can be content with the result of measuring compression. Too low value indicates a strong wear of parts and the need for major repairs. Naturally, the worse the condition of the engine, the greater the discount you can bargain with the seller.

Dirty cabin

The condition of the passenger compartment depends entirely on the mileage of the car and on how much the owner cared about it. Spots of dirt, intoxicated tobacco smell, crushed seats, upholstery holes — this is a way to knock out money «for dry cleaning.»

Other things

Almost any car with mileage can be found annoying shoals. The light bulb is not lit, chips on the bumper, a crack in the windshield, air conditioning and windows not working — these are all minor and major problems, for the elimination of which one should demand a discount.

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