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There are a lot of techniques that managers use in their work with the customer. The theoretical knowledge of these techniques is, of course, necessary, but the ability to put them into practice is much more important. A sales manager should be able to find an individual approach to each client and to feel what kind of equipment will be most effective at the moment and which should be used.

«On the same wave»

All of us subconsciously stretch towards those people who are somewhat similar to us — behavior, habits, speech. As a seller, you must tune in and follow the buyer’s wave. Watch how the buyer behaves and try to copy his pace of speech, voice intonation, speech turns. If the buyer smiles and is open to you (in words, in the position of the body), be open to him as well.

«On one side of the barricades»

The buyer should feel that you are his friend and you are on the same side. At each request of the buyer, respond readily to help and do everything in your power. If the buyer asks to reduce the price of the goods or change the delivery time, tell him that you must talk to the boss about this and try to persuade him to meet you.

Even if you do not succeed, the buyer will have the impression of you as a sympathetic and good person, always ready to lend a helping hand. Such an impression will help to set up the buyer in the way you want (and perhaps he will soften his own conditions), and create a good foundation for possible further transactions.

«The magic of touch»

There are things that we perceive subconsciously and they affect our future behavior. One of these includes light, barely noticeable touches to our body. If the seller accidentally touches the shoulder or hand of the buyer, this will give a good effect in terms of establishing non-verbal contact with the interlocutor.

It is most effective to use this if the buyer and the seller are people of different sexes. In the situation of «woman — woman» you can also safely use this technique, but if both the seller and the buyer are men, some caution should be exercised. Not every man will like the touch of another unfamiliar man to him, however, if the seller acts professionally, it can also give good results.

“There aren’t many compliments”

Everyone likes to listen to compliments. And when people unfamiliar to us do it, compliments are perceived more pleasantly. When communicating with the buyer, make polite compliments to the person’s pleasant and well-groomed appearance, his pleasant voice and smile, his positive energy. If you have some personal information about the interlocutor, you can praise him for the fact that he is a good family man or leader. The main thing is that the compliment does not look like flattery or sycophancy. He must be sincere and open.

«Present in advance»

It may happen that the customer will like everything in the product until he hears his price. To mitigate the negative reaction to the price of the goods, offer the client a small gift as a bonus immediately after you have announced the price. Do not wait for the negative reaction of the buyer to offer him a gift, it will look as if you are trying to «bribe» the customer with free gifts.

A striking example of such a technique is the provision of free aperitifs in restaurants, or “compliments from the chef” (free small dishes such as salads or snacks). When a client has already received something free as a gift, it will be psychologically difficult for him to simply leave without having made an order, even if prices on the menu seem too high to him.

«Answers to questions not yet asked»

Each experienced seller can make a series of questions that are most often asked by buyers. Before each conversation with the client, make a list of questions that most likely can be asked by the buyer based on the specifics of the product or service. Include in advance the answers to all these questions in your presentation of the product, and then the client will receive the most complete information and he will have much less reason to object.

«Yes, but»

Perhaps every salesman, even the most beginner, knows this technique. It lies in the fact that any objection from the client must be answered with a yes, and immediately begin to talk about the facts that can reduce the entire objection to zero, but. For example, if a client says that the price of your product is much higher than for similar products in other firms, answer: “Yes, our prices are higher than those of competitors. But the technique of developing our product, unlike the rest, suggests … (listing benefits). «

The words “no”, “you are wrong”, “you are mistaken” should not be heard at all in response to any replica of the buyer. All of them will cause only irritation in him and the conversation will be difficult to complete with a completed deal.

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