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Components of a healthy lifestyle

Components of a healthy lifestyle
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A healthy lifestyle is actually aimed at eliminating or reducing the negative impact of risk factors for disease.

So, in the case of hypertension, a person is quite capable of reducing the risk of its occurrence by eliminating such factors as smoking, physical inactivity and unbalanced nutrition. Almost any component of his lifestyle influences human health, and the characteristics of each component will depend on the age of the person. For example, the consumption rates of dairy products for different ages are significantly different. The same is true of the desired intensity of physical activity, the characteristics of the daily regimen, and the peculiarities of family and labor relations. Balanced regular meals.

It implies several basic rules: the correct ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, which is currently formulated as 1: 1: 4; rational caloric value, indicators of which depend on age, sex and features of work; food frequency: at least 3 times a day for an adult; food quality: high-grade proteins, the presence of a sufficient amount of fiber, vitamins, trace elements, the minimum amount of refractory fats; cooking quality: adequate heat treatment, limiting fried, spicy, spicy; salt limit, the amount of which should not exceed 6 g (according to some scientists – 3 g).

Rational physical activity. The mode of work and rest (including sleep mode). Strengthening the body’s defenses (eg, hardening). Rejection of bad habits. Personal hygiene.

Medical literacy, which implies not only and not so much awareness of the manifestations of various diseases, as the understanding of the need for elementary medical measures (examinations, vaccinations, FLG, etc.).

Optimizing interpersonal relationships, including the most important component of family relationships. Harmonious relations between family members are the basis of the mental health of a person of any age and gender. For adults, the aspect of sexual relations is also important.

The development of positive thinking, which implies an increase in adaptive psychological forces. In conclusion, I would like to mention two different approaches in determining the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. The first, traditional, implies the same universal criteria for all.

Thus, the ideal seems to be a certain uniformity of behavior of each member of society.


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